Sailing in Barbados

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If I lived closer, I’d go sailing in Barbados at least once a year. Especially on the catamaran “Cool Runnings”. What a fun time!

Imagine sitting on the edge a catamaran with your feet dangling over the edge, skimming through the crystal clear waters of the Caribbean along the west coast of Barbados. Music playing over the speakers and a bar with as-much-as-you-want rum punch gives a party atmosphere to a glorious day on the water.

This cat is superb; spotlessly clean and well-maintained and the company limit the number of passengers ensuring heaps of room for people to move around anywhere on the boat. The cruise I went on lasted for about 5 hours during which we swam, snorkeled with sea turtles, and fed tropical fish.

The crew is exceptional; professional and attentive, friendly and a lot of fun.  Their main goal seems to be to ensure that everyone on board has a good time in a very relaxed atmosphere.

On the way back, the music volume goes up a notch or two and people are boogying to the music, laughing, singing and generally having a whale of a time. As I write this I want to go back and do it again; and I realise it’s reading like an advertisement. But so what? These guys deserve a good rap. They’re awesome!
Cool Runnings Barbados

A well-managed Barbados

Barbados is a small island; 34 kilometres long and 23 kilometres wide, (431 square kilometres), but one of the world’s most densely populated countries. The population is approximately 282,000 which creates environmental pressures that the government work quite aggressively to manage and overcome, keeping Barbados clean.

The government places a huge emphasis on protecting the environment in a bid to preserve the 90 km of offshore coral reefs, the huge network of underground aquifers and streams which provide Barbados with it’s drinking water, and the four species of nesting turtles on the island.

Barbados Rum

They’ve been growing sugar cane in Barbados since the 1640’s and producing rum either from it’s by-products or directly from the juice for the last 350 years. No wonder it’s so good! With 3 rum distillaries and over 1500 rum shops on this tiny island, finding the perfect spot to enjoy a fabled Rum Punch is as easy as walking out the door. The Bajans (that’s what Barbadians are known as) even have a Food, Wine, and Rum Festival yearly; some time in November. (I think I’m writing myself into another holiday in Barbados.. very soon.)

By the way, Cool Runnings leaves from the Bridgetown Pier. 🙂 If you want a more elaborate description, or want to meet me there, just holler and I’ll see what I can arrange!

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