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Jazz Club 2 HCMC

I loved it so much I bought their T-Shirt CD’s

When you’re in Saigon, don’t miss a night out at the Sax N’ Art Club, at 28 Le Loi Street. Sip on a cocktail and listen to inspired music in a small intimate venue with a very relaxing vibe.

Tran Manh Tuan is the owner; a famous saxophonist and composer in Vietnam. His jazz arrangements of traditional Vietnamese music are creative and wonderfully entertaining.

The club has great ambience, doesn’t get crowded (at least it wasn’t on the nights I was there – yes I’ve been more than once; it is that good!), and is quite small; therefore no matter where you’re seated, you’ll see and hear the entertainment without columns or people getting in the way.

Me and Tran Manh Tuan HCMC

Me N’ Tran

Tran Manh Tuan himself performs almost every night from 9 pm until 11.30 pm or midnight. Visiting artists often sit in, and the jamming is hot and foot-stomping great.

Quote from Tran Manh Tuan

“Ever since I was in the cradle, I bathed in the spirit of folk songs. That five note melody runs in my blood with such force, such life! Saxophone strikes a new and modern note in my life, but deep down inside, the long lost memories are there to be recalled. I never stop hailing them back, to live with the ones that are fading away from this life.”


There is a cover charge of 80,000 VMD (about $4) and the drinks are perhaps a little more expensive ($6 for a cocktail and less for a beer) than in some other places but this is a club after-all, and Tran Manh Tuan is no ordinary musician.

Reading some reviews on various sites I see that many don’t recommend this place, due to what they perceive as a high cost, and don’t like having to pay a cover charge. But where in your world can you go to a night club and be entertained in comfortable surroundings by world class musicians for  20 – 25 bucks, drinks included?

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Cathy Moriarty August 17, 2013, 5:38 am

Anna and I spent 3 fabulous weeks travelling around Vietnam 3yrs ago and like you loved the country, people and the whole bit about finding your way around. We also did the back packing experience which proved to be relatively easy. I would go again if given the opportunity. Cheers cathy

Maxine Stephenson August 18, 2013, 3:34 pm

Great to hear from you Cathy! Yes, Vietnam sure is an interesting place to visit isn’t it? So glad you “found” my blog! I really must get to updating more regularly. Where does the time go? xx

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