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LuBoa Hut. A wonderful Home-stay or Guest House on Koh Jum

Ok. I’ve delayed writing this post because I’m a little bit selfish. But to be fair to the wonderful family of this home-stay, I have to share it.

Koh Jum is a little island on the Andaman Sea, in the Krabi Province of Thailand. There are no air-strips, no sealed roads, no jetties or docks, and up until recently, there was no electricity. You have to get there by boat; by long-boat in fact (unless you’ve got the moola to take a more expensive ride by hiring a speed boat). When I was there in 2012 there wasn’t an ATM on the island either, so you had to make sure you took enough BHT with you for your stay.

I was licking my wounds at the time I went there, having been knocked to the ground by a motorbike a few days earlier in Chiang Mai. I needed somewhere to “take it easy” and recuperate. I found Koh Jum.

Ann and her husband Nut run their place, named “Luboa Hut” as a home-stay, or guesthouse. Luboa Hut is a little further away from the main part of the island which helps it retain it’s charm. The beach isn’t as pristine and white as many of the beaches in Southern Thailand islands and the sea in front of the property has a few rocks. But Ann and Nut, and their staff are very laid-back, cook exceptionally good food, and the whole place has a friendly, homely vibe to it. Accommodation is in individual huts, with no hot water.



Having a daily massage on the platform at the water’s edge whilst listening to the gentle waves lapping against the foundations of the structure was like heaven on earth. I tried to persuade the masseuse to come home to Australia with me. (I wasn’t successful). Lying in a hammock under the trees where the property meets the sand, either sleeping or reading a book was just what the doctor ordered. Swimming in the warm, clear sea each day was a tonic for my aching body. I soon recovered.

Land Ahoy!

Land Ahoy!

The ferry which runs between Phuket/Phi Phi/Krabi during the non-monsoon months will stop mid-ocean so that you can climb down and clamber aboard a long-boat which has been sent by the host with which you’ve booked. Being transported in the long boat to the island is an experience in itself.

That's a fishing line between my toes!

That’s a fishing line between my toes!

and this was the haul!

and this was the haul!

Koh Jum is a hide-away island and Luboa Hut is it’s treasure. There’s not a great deal to do but explore the island, climb up Pu Mountain through the rainforest, swim, kayak for squid and fish, play volley ball with the other guests and staff on the beach each night, or sleep. I was so relaxed there I wondered how it was possible to sleep so much! A perfect setting for my injured body to heal.

Each evening as the sun goes down

Each evening as the sun goes down

Have you got some “best kept secrets” you can share?  This is one of mine. Let’s face it; so many special, untouched-by-commercialism places in the world today have been ruined because the secret was not kept. So many have fallen prey to the big developers and are now over-built, and over-run by tourists, vehicles, pollution, McDonald’s and other crappy fast-food franchises.

Now that Koh Jum has been connected to the national power grid big developers are moving in, so visitors who enjoy nature and want to travel to an undiscovered paradise are advised to go there soon, before the hordes descend. I must try to fit in another visit before too long!

The months to visit Koh Jum are October to April. Ann and Nut close their guesthouse to visitors during the monsoon months of May through to September. The weather isn’t pleasant for holiday-makers during these months and the beaches are covered with rubbish from neighbouring islands and countries, blown there by the wind and washed up by the rough seas.

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Vashte July 10, 2014, 1:50 pm

This sounds fabulous! I love ‘untouched’ places- there are not so many to be found- and you have to search for them. We might have to stop by there when we are next back in Thailand..hopefully not too far away!!

Maxine Stephenson July 10, 2014, 3:22 pm

Even a special trip away is worth it Vashte. So cheap to go and lovely islands in the Krabi Province within short distances. So many seem to head to Phuket and that’s it.

Liz Kennedy August 9, 2014, 11:12 pm

Now that’s what I call sheer bliss in an idyllic setting, beautiful! xx May have to come with on your next trip there.

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