Village Life in Cotignac, Part 1

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My stay here in Cotignac, France, is drawing to a close. That makes me a little sad, because this region of France, Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur,  is very pretty and there is so much to see and do, and simply experience. Cotignac was a great choice from which to make a base and settle for a while.

Here is a glimpse mostly in pictures:


They throw or roll heavy balls. It’s played every day here but on Friday night it’s a social affair. And they cook up moules frites (mussels and hot chips). Anyone can play on Friday night. I didn’t see too many people playing, but I did see lots of people having a jolly good time and drinking lots of wine.

I stood in a line for an hour for these. (But it was worth it). The French aren’t known for their speed. As each person ordered, they stopped to have a chat with the cashier.

One guy who was serving asked me if I was going to play. He said “have you got balls?”

I replied, with a shocked look on my face “pardon Monsieur??” He laughed and so did I. Nothing wrong with HIS English!

No utensils. Just fingers.

It wasn’t long before everyone was our friend.


They have fireworks here often. This last one was to celebrate the end of summer. They fire them off at the top of the grottos and are spectacular.


Almost every day or night there are markets or fetes either in our village, or a village nearby. Tuesdays is our big market day, with the Cours (main drag) filled to capacity with stalls of all sorts of yummy produce. It’s where I like to load up on my cheeses.

They have VERY big bottles of wine here. Saves popping two corks 🙂

They even make sausages out of donkey meat, although it haven’t got a shot to prove it.

My favourite cheese stall. There’s always a line, so I figured they must be good. And they are!

Bear in mind that the month is August, the month that the French people are on their holidays. It’s not like this all year round. But over the summer months in France there are fetes, markets, concerts, celebrations of one kind or another here, or in nearby villages every day/night of the week! This place is buzzing!


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Sarah August 30, 2014, 7:34 am

Beautiful beautiful
I wish I was there

Vashte September 2, 2014, 11:03 pm

Oh i have lived vicariously through your posts! Amazing, amazing and more amazing!
As if there was any doubt one could fall in love with Southern France! I have through these… my mouth is watering for chips and mussell French style… balls to play with and huge rose coloured bottles of wine to indulge in!
What a fabulous trip- I would love to be there!
Thank you for sharing!!!

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