Solo Travel


Traveling solo is perceived by many who haven’t experienced it as risky, lonely, scary, or all of those things.  It isn’t, or doesn’t have to be.

Oft times, although the journey may have begun as a solo traveler, it doesn’t usually remain that way, at least not all the time. People may connect with other travelers through a friendly conversation on a flight, train, or bus, who may be heading for the same destination.  They’re likely to meet others with similar interests at their place of accommodation and join them on an excursion somewhere, thereby sharing the experience, and the cost. It’s a matter of choice (the freedom to choose).

Being free to decide  what to do and when, without having to consider another traveler’s preferences, is a huge advantage of traveling solo. And not having to endure another’s habits which may become irritating after sharing so much time together, is another. Some people don’t mind being shunted onto a coach to follow the sheep onto the next quick stop which is the way with organised tours; everything organised beforehand and everything paid for (well, so they say). But the solo traveler does it differently.

You’ve never traveled solo?

What if you’re widowed, divorced, or single simply because you choose to be (or you haven’t found that special soul-mate yet)?  You don’t have a life-companion with which to travel? Do you stay home although you’d love to see other parts of the world? Why not go? What’s holding you back?

Travel Planning

Some planning is required beforehand, which can be an exciting part of the journey. Travel planning needs to include research into the destinations you want to visit, to ensure that due respect is given to the customs of those countries. Your travel planning process will include the following subjects:

  • Plan the Travel Route
  • Consider Types of Transportation
  • Budget – Estimating Travel Costs
  • Visa Requirements
  • Health and Safety
  • Travel Insurance
  • Vaccination Requirements
  • Weather
  • Luggage
  • Cultural Attitudes

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