Life is an Adventure

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There’ll be a fair bit of travel in this book blog because it’s one of my passions, and in sharing I may motivate others to take off on those dreams they’ve had but never taken action for one reason or another. (We can always find reasons; some are reasons but many are excuses, right?)

There may be some personal stuff in here (well it’s called “Maxine…..) but I’m not sure how personal I’ll get. It’ll depend on the mood I’m in at the time I suppose. I might talk about how I’ve raised three kids by myself, and some of you might relate to that, after all there are enough of us doing it these days aren’t there?

I might talk about how I’ve made money and lost money and made money again and all that stuff. Some of you might relate to that as well.

I might get political at times because the world, or more particularly those who make the decisions which effect the rest of us, pisses me off at times, especially lately. Is that because I take more notice now of what’s going on or is it because what’s going on is becoming more political?

But Life is an Adventure, and I may share some of mine in the hope that some of you may enjoy the reading and get something from it too.

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