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Saving the Elephants in South East Asia

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Elephant Rides in the Heat of the Midday sun at Angkor, Cambodia

It was stressful to see elephants taking people for rides on the sealed roads of Angkor Wat, carrying not only the saddle (howday) but at least 2 tourists as well as the mahout. They were constantly at work, backwards and forwards, regardless of the relentless heat of the day.  The mahout would be wielding his angur, or… Read More

The Plight of the Asian Elephants

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Thai Elephant Ceremony

Elephants have been exploited for thousands of years and never more so than now, and likely never as much as they are in Thailand today. Although the elephant is Thailand's national animal, holds a prominent place in Thai culture and was once highly revered, of those few that have survived most are now treated with… Read More

I fell in Love in Luang Prabang, Laos

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Me and my New Love

This day will be remembered as one of the highlights of my life; a never-to-be-forgotten experience, and all positive. I fell in love. (I hope she'll forgive me for not remembering her name, but after all it WAS a only a one-day stand.)  From what I'd seen during my solo travel through South East Asia so far I'd… Read More

Toilets in Vietnam

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The "no hose" type

There are two items I’d like to have taken home with me from Vietnam. One is my favourite masseuse, and the other is a Vietnam toilet. Well, to be more specific, a toilet such as those found in a city hotel, guesthouse or similar accommodation. They’re a bit like a bidet really, but have a… Read More