About Maxine

Stephenson family for blogThat’s me; the babe in mother’s arms.

Yes, I know it’s grainy; but it’s old.

…….there were two more children born after me; 10 of us in all. A large family even then. It’s not surprising that we were all taught pretty efficient work ethics, among other valuable lessons in life.

I am a serial entrepreneur and started my own business at 16.  I’ve rarely been “employed” but instead prefer to be the architect of my own success and financial freedom. (I rebelled early against “constraints”). This has been achieved through recognising trends, being an early adopter, and then applying hard work. My belief is that everyone can achieve success if they truly want to. (You can see by the family photo that I wasn’t born with a silver spoon in my mouth.)
I’ve raised 3 children to adulthood as a single parent and am the grandmother of two precious little girls and one very cute little boy.
I’m passionate about my family and the planet on which we live.
I love real estate, both offline AND online, as a means to create wealth.
I admire creative people and appreciate all forms of art.
Music is one of my passions, and I enjoy a wide range of genres.
I love to travel and meet people from all over the globe and learn about them and their culture.
I enjoy connecting people with others for their mutual benefit.
I love to inspire others to attain their goals.
Connect with me if you wish to and let’s see what’s “out there” for you! 🙂